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The Love Planet Global Village is a place where we can all come together for the good of each other and our planet. We support other charities by creating education, awareness and fundraising as well as inviting businesses to join us in creating positive change!

The Global Village of Supporters are individuals, businesses, and families that have made a commitment to give a portion of their proceeds from products, services and sales.

They’ve attached their business or product to our “One Love – One Planet – One Dollar” campaign and donate one dollar for every online order they receive.

The Donations are utilized for Creating Educational Media and Events.

Become a monthly supporter.

We truly believe that through proceeds from high profile fund raising events, concerts, and entertainment, we can make a impact and inspire change.


Our Global Village Family

Love Planet has provided volunteer and fundraising support for the following organizations:

Whole Children Whole Planet Expo-

Black Mesa Trust-

The Samburu Project-

The Emoto Peace Project-

Tree People-

Heal the Bay-

APE- Animals-People-Environment-


Together we can make a difference.
We Are One Love – One Planet


Contact us and let us know how you would like to be of service.



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